HypeAuditor report provides with the basic demographics data of active and engaged audiences:

  • Audience's geographic location (country, city and states in US) is  identified by geo-tag analysis and information provided in the bio.
  • Audience Type includes the following categories:
  1. Real People - Instagram users whose behavioural patterns are similar to the behaviour of a regular live person. 
  2. Influencers - Instagram users who have more than 5,000 followers and less than 1500 followings are considered to be an influencers.
  3. Mass Followers - Instagram users who have more than 1500 followings. They take advantage by using automatic follow/unfollow third party tools.
  4. Suspicious accounts - Instagram bots, fake or stolen accounts and people who use specific services for likes, comments and followers purchase. 
  • Gender is detected by comparing users' names to the names database with a gender indication.
  • We have implemented the most innovative techniques such as image recognition to identify user's Age and Ethnicity 
  • The Language identification is based on the natural language processing of user's posts and text in their bio. 

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