Followers&Following is a metric that helps to identify any suspicious trends in the growth of audience or unusual patterns of following performed by an influencer.

Spikes on a Followers Graph curve might be an indication of an artificial boost of followers' count. In some cases a sudden followers growth is detected when a user participates in a give-away or become part of a TV show.  

Spikes on a Following Graph in most cases is an indication of mass following.
Seesaw often indicated follow/unfollow patterns when there are thousands of followings performed. 

Growth analysis identifies follow/unfollow patterns, sudden spikes and declines to check if audience is organic.

We do not show these graphs until there is enough historical data to see the dynamics. Usually it takes a one week period for data to be updated. If you are not able to see the following graphs in the report, check back for them later.

Check a blog post "How to read Followers & Following graphs on HypeAuditor" to get more information about Followers & Followings graphs. 

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