HypeAuditor supports two ways of authorisation:
• Email + password
• Magic login link

Email + password

If your account was created after Mar 6, 2019, in order to login you need to use email + password. You can restore your password using "Forgot password" link on login form.

Also note that you will receive confirmation email after signup. Don't forget to follow the link from it. 

Magic links

If your account was created before Mar 6, 2019, a magic link is used for logging in. It means that you didn't have to create and memorise a password. You have input an email address and received a magic link to your mailbox that is fast and secure.

We've made a smooth switch to email + password as a main way for sign up and login following requests of our users. This means that our existing users can still login the old good way, while new users have to use their email + password. 

You don't have to create a password if you used magic link to register. You can still receive the link by pressing "Get magic link" on the login form.

You need to input the email address you originally registered with. Then you should receive the magic link to your mailbox.

Create password

In case you would like to use email+password instead of the magic link when logging into the tool, then simply press "Forgot password" and input your current HypeAuditor email address. You will receive Password reset link to your mailbox, which you can use to create a password. 

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