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How many lines/rows do I get when exporting CSV?
How many lines/rows do I get when exporting CSV?
Find out about the limits when exporting Discovery search results to CSV
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The number of rows you get per exported CSV report depends on the type of your subscription plan.

On annual plans, you can get:
1.000 rows on Pro Instagram/Pro YouTube/Pro TikTok/Pro Twitch/Pro Twitter
3.000 rows on Pro IG + YouTube (2+ social networks)

Each row contains data about one influencer's account.
If you need more rows in your CSV file, please contact our Sales team at

Please note: in case you have the amount of Discovery results that exceed your export limit, you can export the whole list only by expanding the limits of your subscription plan. Please contact your Sales representative to do that.

As a workaround, you can change the sorting order in the Discovery filters and export different parts of your Discovery results separately. For ex., you can filter the Followers number/Quality Audience/Age/Gender, etc. columns in ascending and descending orders and export the first 1.000/3.000 rows from each of them.

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