To start tracking your influencer marketing campaign in HypeAuditor go to Campaign Tracking tool and choose New campaign option.

1. First step is to select an account of the brand you are promoting and day when the campaign starts.

Please note that you can start tracking your campaign not earlier than 1 month ago from the current day.

2. Second step lets you add mentions of your campaign. You can specify hashtags using # and account mentions using @ symbols. Mention of the brand you've added on the 1st step is added automatically.

By knowing mentions of your campaign HypeAuditor will be able to find posts of influencers with these mentions and track their performance.

3. Third step allows you to add influencers you are working with within the current campaign.

As soon as you complete all the three steps our bots will start collecting and analysing the data. It might take some time for metrics to appear on the dashboard.

4. Please note that in order to see AQS and audience metrics you need to unlock the influencer. More information about it can be found here.

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