Spendings section presents daily spendings of the whole campaign with CPE of the posts, ROI and EMV values.

Earned Media Value allows monitoring the success of your influencer marketing efforts over time. Use EMV to benchmark the impact of individual influencers and campaigns for your brand.

EMV has a direct impact on ROI. Return of Investments is a percentage of your budget spent on influencer marketing returned to you as Earned Media Value. At the Campaign Tracking, you can compare every influencer involved in the influencer campaign by ROI and EMV to find whose outcome was better.

Use these insights into your next campaigns to get even better EMV and ROI.

Blue line of the graph shows daily money spent. Hover over the line for any day to see the amount of money spent at that specific day:

Orange circles represent CPE of the posts.

If you hover over the circle you will see CPE of each post and their engagement (comments + likes). Please note that CPE is shown only for posts of those influencers who have their price set up.

The size of the circle depends on the engagement of the post. The bigger the engagement — the bigger the circle.

Click on the circle in order to view more information about post performance: Likes, Comments, Engagement Rate, Average Engagement, Proposal Price, CPE, Fraud Check, Engagement Graph.

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