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What is the Brand Mentions section, and how to read it?
What is the Brand Mentions section, and how to read it?
Find out about Brand Mentions Section in YouTube Report
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You can find this section at the bottom of each YouTube report if an influencer has at least one mention over the past 90 days. Each Brand Mention consists of:

  • A Brand Name with a link to its website

  • Total views. If an influencer mentioned a brand in several videos, Total Views reflects a sum of views.

  • CPM figures with its assessment. CPM or Cost per thousand views benchmarked against other videos on the influencer’s channel.

If you need detailed information about a specific video, click “View Video” (or on the number of videos if they are more than one video), and you’ll get the video title, Call to action, views, and CPM.

Analyzing Brand Mentions section

Analyzing brand mentions isn't just an option. It is a necessary part of your growth strategy. The more you find out about previous collaborations and your competitors, the more you learn, adapt, and ultimately flourish.

Analyze the most successful and failed collaborations

Find out which videos got the best CPM figures. Pay attention to the mentions marked with Excellent and Good CPM, they’ve got the highest views per video. Learn what their strong points are: catchy headlines and captions, killer Call-to-Action or something else.

Learn from the mistakes of others

Not all integrations are successful. And it’s vital to analyze the least performing examples in order to not commit grave mistakes that your predecessors made.

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