To create a new Mentions Report go to Research Hub in HypeAuditor and choose Mentions Report from the list. Configure your report as described below.

Configure your Mentions Report

Specify mentions

There 4 options to create Mentions Report:

  • by mention
    when you know your competitor and want to check their strategy or when you want to check yourself
  • by mention & hashtags
    when you know your competitor; in addition to a general report you want to check one or several campaigns and see results all together
  • by hashtags
    when you know that competitors have launched an advertising campaign with a certain name = hashtag, and you want to check how well this advertising campaign has performed
    – more info: Can I create a Mentions Report by hashtag only?
  • by links
    when you want to check your competitor or yourself regarding the efficiency of publishing ad posts with influencers without Campaign Tracking tool; you pull in the posts and get analytics
    – more info: Can I build Mentions Report on specific posts only?

You can add:
max 1 Instagram mention per report
max 5 hashtags per report
links to posts – unlimited

Specify the country scope

By default the report is built for Worldwide. In a Worldwide mode report is built on all posts (according to specified mentions and period of time), without a limit on a specific country.

On Pro plan you can narrow down the report to a country level. Currently 10 countries are available (USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, China, Brazil, Italy). If the country you are looking for is not yet in the list, let us know about that by contacting our Support team.

Specify the time period

By default the report is built for the last 180 days. However, you can choose other options or specify a custom period. The maximum period is 360 days. Use this option to see all activity within a year.

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