What is auto tracking?

Campaign Management finds relevant posts of influencers automatically. You won't need to refresh influencer page to see if the post is live.

  • You receive an email notification,

  • the post is added to the campaign by our bots,

  • post engagement is tracked every hour,

Sounds like magic, doesn't it?

How to setup auto tracking

  1. Setup influencers list

  2. List phrases they will use in the posts

  3. Receive posts

First of all make sure that you have added the influencers that you work with to the campaign. You can do it on the "Influencers" tab. Use links to their social networks.

Navigate to campaign, choose Content tab and press Setup auto tracking button.

Specify the phrases the bots will look for in the influencers posts. That might be @mentions, #hashtags or short phrases, for example:

  • @hypeauditor

  • #hypeauditor

  • use hypeauditor

You don't need to use quote marks or any special symbols. Don't forget to add phrases separately. For example, if your influencers would post with either "#hypeauditor" or "@hypeauditor", don't add "#hypeauditor @hypeauditor" as a single criteria, split it into two.

Either of mentions found among campaign influencers’ posts would make the post automatically appear in the campaign.

What if posts do not appear?

  1. Wait a little. It might take up to 1 hr.

  2. Check if the influencer channel is in the campaign

  3. Check if the post contains the same mentions as the campaign

  4. If the post still doesn't appear, let us know via online chat. Attach the link to your campaign and the link to the post. We will figure that out.

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