Campaigns tool allows you to upload influencers to a campaign in various ways.

Adding influencers right in the Campaigns tool

  1. First of all, you can add influencers one by one by typing in their nickname in the search bar of the tool:

2. You can add influencers in bulk. Just input one Instagram/YouTube/TikTok account per line and click on "Add influencers".
Important: please add URLs of influencers' profiles, not their usernames.

3. Additionally, Campaigns allows you to import influencers from Excel or CSV files. Please check this article for more details: How to import influencers from Excel to campaign

Adding influencers to existing campaigns from other tools

1. You can add influencer right from their basic Instagram/YouTube/TikTok report. This option is located in the heading of each report. You can choose any existing campaign from the dropdown list.

2. Moreover, the tool allows to upload influencers right from the Discovery tool. Thus, if you find a perfect fit to your campaign, you can add influencer to Campaign Management tool immediately: just hover over the mouse to the line of the influencer and choose any existing campaign from the dropdown list as well:

Creating new campaigns by adding influencers from other tools

  1. You can convert Report lists you create in HypeAuditor to new campaigns:

In this case you will transfer the whole list to a new campaign, and you will be able to edit (delete/add) the influencers later on.

2. Of course any Media Plan can be converted to a new campaign too. In this case the whole list of influencers will be transferred to a new campaign.

3. Additionally, Media Plans tool allows to create a new campaign with any of the influencers separately. To do that please click on the line of the influencer to see information about influencer's presence within Campaign Management section (Media Plans, Bulk Emails, Campaigns tools) and choose starting a new campaign:

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