To start tracking your influencer marketing campaign in HypeAuditor go to Campaigns tool and choose Create campaign option.

Step 1: Type in name of your campaign and add campaign brief, dates and goals in Settings:

Adding goals will allow you to see the progress in the Overview of the campaign as well as in the final report you share:

Step 2: Add Influencers

There are multiple ways of adding influencers to a campaign. Please see the article: How can I upload influencers to a campaign?

Step 3: Unlock influencers to see basic metrics:

Why don't I see the data about AQS, audience, etc.?

Step 4: Specify Total Budget column to see such metrics as EMV, ROI, CPE, CPC, CPM.

By default price will be in US dollars. However, you can change currency in the Settings of the campaign:

Step 5: Go to Content section and set up the Auto tracking feature to see the posts.

See the following article to get more details about the feature: What is auto tracking in Campaigns?

Step 6: Go to Calendar section to set up Stories auto tracking.

Stories can be set up manually, but if you have Stories auto tracking, it's great to set it up once you start the campaign. Please see more details about setting up stories in the article: How to track stories in the Campaigns tool?

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