Manual stories set up

HypeAuditor strictly follows the policy of Instagram (as well as other social media platforms) and collects only publicly available data. Therefore, we do not show stories performance automatically. However, you can specify metrics measuring stories results in order to present them together with other values in the final report you share with your colleagues and clients.

You can do that in the Content tab:

Stories Auto tracking

HypeAuditor also allows to collect stories automatically. Thus, in case you have Stories Auto tracking Add-On, Campaigns tool will collect stories screenshots for you.

To do so please go to Calendar tab and plan stories at the days you've confirmed with your influencers. Make sure to choose correct dates and amount of stories.

In order to cover different time zones, we will search for mentions in stories 1 day before and 1 day after of your specified date for all scheduled stories.

Please note: at the moment stories insights still can be added only manually. However, we are working on implementing estimated metrics for stories in the nearest future.

Now please go to Content tab and Edit stories in order to specify metric values for stories that were collected by the tool:

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