Step 1: Go to Report Builder to access the functionality:

Step 2: Upload your logo to customize the report:

Please note that you need to have a White label Add-On in order to access this feature.

Step 3: Add comments to some sections and hide those you don't want to present in the final report:

Step 4: Make sure you have added a short brief, dates and goals of the campaign in Settings. This will make your report look better. :)

Step 5: Go to Preview of the campaign to double check how it looks like and share the final report.

You can share report by the link. In this case results will be updated online, and your colleagues/clients won't need to be registered in HypeAuditor. All they need to do is to follow the link you send them.

You can share report by downloading a PDF or Excel version. There is no limit on downloading these reports.

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