In order to archive the campaign you do need any more just change the status either right in the campaign settings or in the campaign list:

1. in campaign settings

2. in campaign list

As soon as you archive your campaign, the tool stops tracking any post or story mentions. However, you won't loose access to this campaign. You still will be able to check results, download report and reactivate the campaign at any time.

When you archive your campaign, it will be transferred to Archived section of campaigns list, and HypeAuditor will stop monitoring influencers for new mentions. You will be able to reactivate the campaign at anytime. Archived campaigns do not count against your plan limits.

When you reactivate the campaign HypeAuditor will collect posts with campaign's mentions over the time the campaign was in Archived status. However, please note that historical data for that period with daily engagement, spendings, etc. won't be available. Moreover, stories won't be collected at all during this period.

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