HypeAuditor Shopify Integration allows you to get rid of all paperwork or endless spreadsheets to calculate how effective your marketing campaign with influencers went on from Shopify. You can see the real, fresh, and automatized metrics from your Shopify E-Commerce store for every influencer that promotes the products or services you sell.

How to connect Shopify to your campaign in the Campaigns tool?

The integration process does not take much time. There are only a few steps you need to follow to connect your Shopify E-Commerce store to our Campaigns tool. The following is a bit more detailed instructions on how you can integrate your Shopify store:

1. Open the campaign you want to integrate to Shopify: list of your campaigns

2. Press the “Settings” or “Gear” button at the top right corner

3. Turn on Shopify and enter the domain name of your Shopify store (ex. mystore.myshopify.com)
Hit the “Enter” or "Connect Shopify store" button

4. When you're back on the settings page, specify the product/category link that you promote in the Shopify Link section:

That's all you need to do. Once you save the changes you have just entered, you will be redirected to the Campaign page and see the sales impact data (ROI, CPC. CPE, etc.) for each influencer marketing campaign with unique promo codes to track affiliate sales.

Learn more about Promo codes set up and Shopify metrics:

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