Change limits and access to tools

You can manage access of your team members to Reports, Discovery, Account Tracking and Campaigns tools. To do that please log in to the account of your team Owner, go to Settings – Team section and click on Edit button next to the User:

In the left hand menu you can switch on and switch off access to certain tools, as well as assign the amount of limits you need for this team member:

Please note that Owner of the account will always see the total amount of report limits that are available across the whole team, while other team members will see their own limit in the HypeAuditor interface:

Change Account type

You can also change the Account type of the users. Owner of the account can assign Admin status to any User of their team.

Admin status allows to manage the team access in the same way as Owner status. Admin can change limits of the users and tool access, add new users to the team, remove existing ones, check activity of the whole team, etc. However, the payment will always come through the Owner's account.

In case you need to change the Owner of the account, please contact our Technical support team at

Check team members' activity

Owner or Admin of the team can check Activity of their team members. Activity is reflected in the Settings – Activity section:

Please note that other team members with User status can see only their own activity.

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