HypeAuditor Shopify integration allows you to get information about clicks automatically.

  1. To do that you need to connect your Shopify E-commerce store to HypeAuditor Campaigns tool: How to set up Shopify integration?

  2. As soon as the integration is on, please go to the Influencers tab of you campaign and make sure to assign promo codes to influencers. Promo codes can be generated automatically right in the Campaigns tool, and you can edit them later on. Check How to manage Promo codes? article for more info about that.

    When it's done, you will see that each influencer now has their unique promo code and a Shopify link:

  3. After that please contact influencers from your campaign and send them their unique promo codes and links that they need to use in their promotions.

  4. When all previous steps are completed, you can go to Content tab of your campaign and check Shopify metrics that now will be available and tracked automatically. Clicks are among them.

HypeAuditor matches the clicks, sales, revenue, and other essential E-Commerce metrics with the influencers you chose to collaborate with. Thus, you can easily select influencers who impacted the most on your sales and adjust your marketing strategy to optimize the budget.

Check what metrics you get from Shopify: How to read Shopify metrics?

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