Draft Approval helps in communicating your campaign needs to influencers. Communicate these needs by approving, rejecting, and/or commenting on your creators' content.

How to turn on draft approval

Draft Approval must be turned on in your Campaign Settings.

  1. Navigate into your campaign's ⚙️ Settings.

  2. Switch "Drafts approval" ON

  3. "Draft link" column appears in the Influencers table

How to use draft approval

Step 1. Send individual links to influencers

Note: every influencer gets their own link. You can broadcast links with Influencer Outreach. To do that:

  1. Create outreach from this campaign by clicking Convert to Outreach

  2. In the Outreach created click Personalize under email body

  3. Use Short link personalization token to send every influencer their individual link automatically.

  4. Compose your email and send it

You can remove influencers from the list or update their email addresses before sending. Email addresses are populated automatically if you have CM AI features add-on.

Step 2. Review drafts from influencers

Influencers upload their content drafts on the pages you have sent. They don't need to create account or connect their social accounts, that's 100% safe. Influencers can upload multiple drafts for the same campaign on the same link.

Once an influencer have uploaded the content, you receive an email notification.

Navigate to Content tab inside your campaign and click "Pending approval" to view all drafts. Accept/Reject them. The influencer sees your approval on the page where they upload the draft.

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