Campaigns calculate clicks automatically. You won't need to wrap individual links with bitly, make notes of who's link it is, gather clicks data manually, and update it after a week. We got all this covered.

Note: this article is for general clicks performance. Refer the corresponding article for 🛍Shopify

How to set up clicks calculation?

  1. Go to campaign and add influencers

  2. Specify individual links that you want to give an influencer in Custom link column. Note: you don't need to give the influencers those links yet

  3. Campaign will generate Short link for every custom link. Click ⧉ icon next to it to copy and give it to the influencer.

How to broadcast short links to influencers in bulk?

  1. Create outreach from this campaign by clicking Convert to Outreach

  2. In the Outreach created click Personalize under email body

  3. Use Short link personalization token to send every influencer their individual link automatically.

  4. Compose your email and send it

You can remove influencers from the list or update their email addresses before sending. Email addresses are populated automatically if you have CM AI features add-on.

How to calculate clicks?

Clicks are calculated automatically and appear in Clicks column. They are also used in CPC (cost per click) calculation. You don't need to do anything, clicks are updated automatically.

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