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What is My Network?
What is My Network?
Find out what you can do with My Network.
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My NetworkInfluencer Relationship Management Software Platform.

Influencer Relationship Management is all about creating strategic relationships with influencers. You can manage influencers from beginning to end with My Network. Get everything you need for working with influencer marketing CRM right at your fingertips: simplified campaign organization, contract and payment processing, custom workflows, and more.

What can you do in Influencer Relationship Management platform?

Here are some of the core approaches a business can utilize our platform:

  • Track your relationships with influencers. You can coordinate across team with notes and custom data. Create custom workflows so that the influencers know what to do.

  • Track progress at all stages, including influencer outreach and activation. You can create a centralized knowledge base and share access with your team. You no longer have to switch between social media and email to organize your campaigns. You can connect with dozens of influencers with one click on HypeAuditor.

  • Invite influencers to a campaign, share briefs, collaborate and maintain communication in a single portal. Thread messages from your influencers directly to the platform with Gmail integrations. Save time and effort with custom templates and automation.

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