In Discovery you can search for influencers using specific keywords. These terms and phrases can help you narrow down your results if available categories are too broad for your specific niche.

To find relevant keywords, we analyze the content of influencers’ posts that were created over the past 6 months. During the analysis, all punctuation marks, emoji and other symbols are removed from the text. If there are any hashtags in the text, we look at them as well, so you can use hashtags as keywords when searching for social media creators.

We use a combination of algorithms that extract keywords from the text and perform morphological analysis. Then the list of terms and phrases is enlarged by adding related keywords and synonyms.

So, if your niche is too narrow, use the keyword search to discover the most relevant influencers who post content related to your specific topic.

Keywords: Filter options

By default, keyword search works in "anywhere" mode. That means the Discovery results will include influencers for whom our AI has detected relevance both in the captions of their posts and in their bio.

To narrow down your search, even more, you can switch to "In content" or "In bio" separately. In this case, you most probably will have less amount of results, but they tend to be more relevant to your specific case.

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