Referral Program for Influencers
Find out how the referral program works for influencers.
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Refer creators to HypeAuditor, and earn reports for each successful referral. Just send them the link and make sure they connect their social account.

How does Referral Program work?

Promote HypeAuditor among influencers

Share your unique referral link across your channels. In your dashboard, you can access the statistics of our referral program. Click the Reports icon in the upper right corner, then copy the link. When someone joins HypeAuditor, you will receive a notification and can claim rewards.

Earn rewards

You will receive two reports for every new influencer who signs up through your link and confirms their social account. The great thing is that they will also receive two reports when they register! Currently, we support linking Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok. Users should register new accounts and select the “Influencer” role when entering details.

Spend reports

You need reports to unlock analytics on other influencers and brands. Use our discovery feature to search for someone with a specific filter.

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