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Run your influencer marketing campaigns from a platform that meets all your campaign needs. Message influencers by the dozen in moments, streamline negotiations and avoid unnecessary headaches by automating routine contracts and payments. Set up your content management process so that content requires your approval before it’s posted, or allow influencers to publish independently. Provide influencers with everything they need (promo codes, links, product samples) for successful promotions.

  • Key features

    • Campaign types: gifting, payment only, and gifting with payment

    • E-commerce integration with Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce

    • Posts auto-tracking for all paying users of HypeAuditor

    • Payment transfer to influencers via PayPal

  • Negotiation automation

    • Eliminate back-and-forth negotiations by creating influencer proposals with affiliate links, promo codes, and campaign briefs

    • Customize email templates and send personalized proposals to multiple influencers at the same time

    • Collect influencer details and payment information to save time and speed up payments

  • Contract automation

    • Standard click-to-accept offers (contains pre-filled influencer data)

    • Customizable contracts for greater personalization

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