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The process of setting up a campaign includes the following steps:

Message templates

You can see and edit the “Invitation” and “Draft request” templates that are included by default in Campaigns. You can also add and personalize more custom templates in Messaging.


Two types of contracts are currently supported in campaigns:

  • Standard click-to-accept contracts – When an influencer accepts a proposal, their details are automatically inserted into the contract.

  • Custom contracts – These contracts can be uploaded and personalized in Settings. All contracts generated will be available in the Contracts tab in Settings.

To generate custom contracts, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a campaign from your list of campaigns > [cogwheel icon] > Contracts.

  2. Upload a PDF version of your contract.

  3. Personalize your contract with customizable fields:

    1. First name

    2. Last name

    3. Budget

    4. Payment terms

  4. Click “Export” and edit the template as necessary.

  5. When creating an influencer proposal, choose the “Custom contract” option. Influencer details will be inserted into the contract.

  6. All personalized contracts will be available in the Contracts tab in Settings. Copy the contract link and send it to the influencer via email or any other messaging application.


  • Campaign name - Edit the campaign name here or in the campaign dashboard.

  • Status - Change the campaign status from Active to Archived when the campaign is finished.

  • Currency - Choose the currency to display in proposals, contracts, and reporting.

  • Notify me about new posts via email - Tick the box to receive updates about new posts via email.

  • Duration - Specify dates that will be used to automatically search for new posts and generate campaign reports. Any posts made before and after these dates won't be included in the campaign.

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