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You can add influencers via the Dashboard or the Influencer tab. Influencers can be added all together or separately through My Network or an Excel file.

Proposals allow you to automate campaign operations and update campaign statuses, which are displayed in the dashboard and in the Influencer tab.

Creating a proposal

  1. To create a proposal and send it to an influencer, click on an influencer in the Dashboard or the Influencer tab.

  2. In the Influencer card on the right, click “Create proposal”.

  3. Depending on the campaign type and your requirements, select the required social media account, include a link and/or promo code, specify the payment, add a free sample for the influencer (using a promo code that gives a 100% discount for products from your e-commerce store), attach a campaign brief if needed, and pick the contract type.

  4. Click “Preview proposal” to review it before sending or “Share proposal” to share it immediately.

Note: You can share a proposal link via email or any other messaging application. The proposal’s status will be updated and displayed in the influencer chat, in the Influencer tab, and in the dashboard.

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