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In the Content tab, you can see all content from influencers for a campaign, such as:

  • Drafts to review

  • Approved drafts

  • Published content (added manually or via auto-tracking)

IMPORTANT: For auto-tracking or manual additions to campaigns, an influencer needs to accept the proposal. If your workflow doesn’t include proposal acceptances, and you collected an influencer’s data and consent in some other way, you can still manually create a proposal and mark it as accepted. In this case, your influencer card won’t have any data (address, phone number, email, etc).

How to reviewing and approve a draft?

Drafts will appear in the Content tab with a Draft (awaiting approval) label. Click “Review” to see drafts with captions and leave comments if needed.

In the open window, you can “Request edits” and leave comments. Comments will be sent to influencers via email. If you’re happy with the draft, click “Accept” and the post will reappear in the Content tab with the “Approved” label.

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