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You won't need to refresh an influencer’s page to see if a post is live. Influencer posts will be added to the campaign automatically. You’ll also receive an email notification. Post engagement is tracked and updated every hour.

In HypeAuditor, we can track automatically:

for Instagram: posts, reels

for TikTok: videos

for YouTube: videos, shorts

Setting up auto-tracking

  1. Add influencers to a campaign and create proposals for them.

  2. Influencers must accept the proposal or you need to manually mark them as “Approved”.

  3. Specify phrases for HypeAuditor to look for in influencer posts. You can use @mentions, #hashtags, or short phrases, such as:

  • @hypeauditor

  • #hypeauditor

  • use hypeauditor

You don't need to use quotation marks or any special symbols. Don't forget to add phrases separately. For example, if your influencers are supposed to use either "#hypeauditor" or "@hypeauditor", don't add "#hypeauditor @hypeauditor" as a single criteria. You should specify them separately.

If either of them are found in an influencer’s posts, they will automatically appear in the campaign.

Adding content manually

You can manually add posts and stories by clicking “Add content” in the top right corner. Statistics will be taken into account when calculating engagement metrics and included in the final report.

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