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To create a new Competitor Insights dashboard, you can go to Competitor Insights in HypeAuditor and configure your dashboard as described below.

1. Input the Instagram account of your brand.

2. Then add your competitors’ Instagram accounts.

The progress bar shows how many more accounts can be added. You can add a max 7 Instagram competitors per dashboard.

NOTE: It is impossible to change the list of competitors after creating a dashboard.

3. Specify the Region

In Global mode, the dashboard is built on all posts (according to specified mentions) without being limited to a specific country.

To create a geo-specific dashboard, you need to choose a country from the drop-down menu. The region filter is based on geotags that influencers use in their accounts and on audience location.

NOTE: If you build the dashboard on geo-specific accounts (for example, narscosmeticsjapan), then there's no need to enter the same location, as this will reduce the results in the dashboard. But if you indeed have a mix of global and local accounts, then indicating the region will help you get relevant results.

If you have more than one dashboard, you can switch between them. Or mark one of them as your favourite. The favourite dashboard will be opened by default when you click on the Competitor Insights menu on the left bar of the interface.

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