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What is AQS (Audience Quality Score) and how is it calculated?
What is AQS (Audience Quality Score) and how is it calculated?
Find out what is AQS and how is it formed
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AQS is a 1-100 metric, a benchmark to measure your overall quality in the influencer marketing industry. 

It's not recommended to look at AQS level only while picking an influencer for your next advertising campaign. Influencers with AQS '100' are most likely to have a high-quality audience though. The ones with AQS '20' belong to a low-quality group of influencers who don't have any impact on the level of sales anyway. AQS is distributed consistently, it's a rare case to spot some boundary value here. 

AQS is the result of 15 metrics which are split into 4 key categories:

  1. Engagement Rate (ER) (% of followers who are engaged with the influencer’s content),

  2. Quality Audience (% of real people among influencer's followers),

  3. Followers and Followings growth patterns (abnormal activities detected in Followers & Followings graphs),

  4. Comments Authenticity (% of recent comments which come from accounts that don't participate in Engagement Pods.)

AQS is a high-level score, thus to get a bigger picture we advise looking into a HypeAuditor report metrics on a deep level.

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