Followings Growth analysis
Find out how to read Followings Growth graph
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Followings growth analysis helps to identify any unusual patterns of following growth performed by an influencer. 

Spikes on the Following Graph is a clear indicator that an influencer uses third-party tools to automatically follow/unfollow. users. Follow/Unfollow method of Instagram growth is SPAM and prohibited by Instagram.

To help you understand this graph better, we have implemented an automatic graph analysis performed by our machine learning algorithm. If we found any suspicious patterns, we'll tell you about them under the graph.

We do not show this graph until there are enough historical data to see the dynamics. Usually, it takes a one week period for data to be updated. If you are not able to see the graph in the report, check back for them later.

Check a blog post "How to read Followers & Following graphs on HypeAuditor" to get more information about Followers & Followings graphs. 

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