According to our Terms of use, one account can be used only by one person. However, you can create a team and share the access to your main account with additional accounts that you add.

To do that first of all please ask your colleagues to create their accounts in HypeAuditor: Get started for free

As soon as their accounts are created, you need to go to your Owner's Account Settings, open Team section and type in email addresses of colleagues you want to add to your HypeAuditor team.

After the invitations are sent please ask your team mates to confirm them from their emails.

As soon as the invitations are confirmed your new team members are able to access all your reports and share your report and subscription limits. Team management and lists are inaccessible for team members. However, they can create their own lists and choose either they want to share them with the team or keep them private.

Additionally, owner of the main account can remove added seats when needed.

For more information about how to assign limits to team members check the article: How to manage team access?

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