Create and share media plans

Media Plans tool allows you to create a report with a list of influencers to pitch your clients and get their approval. With media plans agencies approve influencers for an upcoming campaign from the 1st attempt

Media Plans tool can be also used as a way to plan your upcoming influencer marketing campaign and analyse your plan within your team.

The functionality of the tool includes:

  • Add influencers straight from Discovery and lists. Pitch them with a custom “About” section and price.

  • Estimate reach, target audience %, engagements and CPM/EMV/ROI automatically. No more exports to Excel.

  • Share beautiful media plans with your clients or colleagues via link. No more headache with Powerpoint. Every time you update your plan, your client sees the most recent version. Add your logo to your media plans and remove HypeAuditor branding.

How to use media plans?

Create a list of prospect influencers for the upcoming campaign and share this list with your client as a branded web page or PDF. Clients see influencers from the list with the content preview, engagement & audience stats, and description from a manager. Media plan shows prediction for campaign Reach, Engagement, CPM & CPE, EMV & ROI. Media plans are integrated with the whole ecosystem of HypeAuditor: influencer Discovery, lists, reports, Influencer Outreach and Campaigns.

What social networks are supported?

Media plans support Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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