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How to read the Followers Growth graph?
How to read the Followers Growth graph?
Find out how to read TikTok Followers Growth graph
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Followers Growth analysis helps identify any suspicious trends or unusual patterns in the growth of the audience performed by an influencer.

On TikTok, it's essential to see that influencer is constantly developing and growing their audience. To help you understand this trend better, we have implemented an automatic metrics with a benchmark performed by our machine learning algorithm. Thus, you can check the amount and percentage of the followers gained by an analyzed influencer over the chosen time period (30 days / 90 days / 180 days / all time). Followers Growth is recalculated daily.

If you see a sudden follower growth, it usually means that on a certain day post of the analyzed influencer has appeared in the Recommendations section of TikTok. Please note that if you see a huge growth of followers on a specific day on TikTok, it doesn't necessarily mean that post published on the same day caused this sudden growth. On TikTok, even older published posts may still gain popularity.

To learn how we build benchmarks, please check the following article: How do you benchmark metrics in TikTok Report?

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