What is Competitor Analysis Report?
Get a quick overview of steps to take in Competitor Analysis Report
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Competitor Analysis helps you analyze your competitors' influencer marketing campaigns performance, get the full list of influencers they work with, analyze creatives used, and spy on their marketing budgets. Additionally, it helps you analyze your own influencer marketing campaigns to determine where the campaign was successful and where there is a room for additional opportunities.

Uncover how much your rivals spend on influencer marketing

Find out how much funds your competitor allocates for their influencer marketing campaigns. Get insights into how effective was this budget spent: analyze CPE and EMV of their marketing campaigns.

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Discover what audiences they target

Find your competitors’ target audience including countries, cities, age and gender split. Find out high-value groups for your business and customize your messaging to get a higher ROI.

Find the content that performs best, including Reach

Save money in testing by using top effective ad creatives. Easily identify winning content and understand key trends to create your own strategy. Measure content performance to gain a clear picture of what is resonating with your audience, and what isn’t.

Get a full list of influencers from your competitor’s campaign

Discover influencers who made a significant contribution to your rival’s marketing campaign performance. Use 11 filters to get a list of creators based on your needs for in-depth analyses.

Uncover what campaign they promote

The hashtags section of the report helps you understand what new products or social campaigns your competitors are promoting. These insights will help you stay informed of what’s happening in your industry and with your competitors.

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