Audience Yearly Household Income shows the distribution of income of the influencer's audience based on the distribution of the audience by age, gender and geo.

How does HypeAuditor calculates Audience Yearly Household Income?

In order to evaluate household income we use AI algorithms based on publicly available income data and account’s audience location, gender, and age. This metric is calculated in US dollars.

Thus, the model that HypeAuditor has built is based first of all on the median household income for each country, as well as for all US states.

Similarly, the median income was adjusted based on open data about the dependence of income on age and the distribution of the influencer's audience by age.

Further, the theoretical distribution of audience income in a given country/state is built based on the calculated median value. In order to select the type of distribution, data on the distribution of income in the United States were used.

The selection of the parameters of shape and scale of the distribution was carried out based on the same data, while the shift parameter was estimated through the median income with a coefficient. Due to that it became possible to build individual cases of distribution while knowing only the value of the median income.

Next, the theoretical distribution was applied to income buckets:

['0k-5k', '5k-10k', '10k-25k', '25k-50k', '50k-75k', '75k-100k', '100k-150k', '150k-200k', ' 200k + ']

After that, the distributions data was weighted by the audience shares with the given geo and were united into one general distribution corresponding to all geo of the influencer.

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