What is User Generated Hashtags report?
Find out about UGH and see how you can use it
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User Generated Hashtags (UGH) report helps you find out more about the effectiveness of your ad campaign. This report contains hashtags of influencers and users.

In order to collect UGH we collect posts published over a specified period of time where the hashtags you set up are mentioned. After that our system segments these posts on Sponsored, Likely Sponsored and Free.

The system identifies the most frequent hashtags of Sponsored and Likely Sponsored posts from this selection, and then checks how these hashtags are represented in Instagram posts. If the number of posts where these selected hashtags is lower than 10K, the UGH report is built.

Why do you not include hashtags with more than 10K mentions in your Instagram Competitor Analysis report?

We do not include such hashtags in the report since they tend to appear organically, while our goal here is to collect the data about those hashtags which are promoted by influencers.

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