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Social Listening allows you to find influencers who have mentioned specific accounts or hashtags on Instagram or TikTok, and track new mentions further on.

This approach will focus your search on influencers already engaged with a required brand or product. The response and loyalty of such influencers will be higher.

To start the Social Listening search, you need to choose a social network and add a mention or hashtag:

The listener will track new mentions and automatically add influencers to the list:

You can start and stop tracking results at any time by clicking the "Manage" button. This will not delete previous mentions, but stop collecting new ones:

The listener is able to add up to 5,000 profiles for the last 90 days maximum. You can run several Social Listening searches at once, however, they will all be displayed in one table with the results.

You possess the capability to see a preview of an influencer's analytical report, see posts where your mention was discovered, and add the profile to My Network. It's not necessary to unlock an analytical report right away, you can always do it later.

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