What are Suspicious Accounts?
Find out profiles considered as Suspicious Accounts and how to identify them.
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Instagram bots and people who use specific services for likes, comments and followers purchase are identified as Suspicious Accounts.

At HypeAuditor we implemented machine learning process to identify suspicious accounts. Our algorithm's classification is based on a decision tree, its error rate doesn't exceed 3.7% per test sample of 10,000 analyzed accounts. 

The main features used in the algorithm are the following: 

  • Followers/followings numbers and ratio

  • Number of posts

  • Account privacy

  • Registration date

  • Geotags usage

  • We can’t tell you the last ingredient 

Our decision tree model and the selection of specific features are based on the Influencer Marketing industry expertise.

On the picture down below you can see the most common examples of suspicious accounts:

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