Comments Authenticity is a metric that checks whether the recent comments might come from suspicious accounts or accounts that participate in Instagram Pods (Engagement Pods/Boost groups).

When we check Comments Authenticity, we take into account multiple factors, among them: comment's content and the quality of an account that left that comment.

A particular comment is marked as inauthentic if several negative factors match at once.

Comments that consist of:

  • emojis only or words like: wow, cool, fantastic etc. 

  • another account mentions only - comments to giveaways, contests etc.

Why are comments to giveaways and contests considered non-authentic?

Сomments that might come from Engagement pods (comment pods, Instagram pods, boost groups) are considered inauthentic and have a negative impact on Comments Authenticity level.

Why? These Instagram users seek extra exposure within the social media space, mainly, to boost their profile activity in a non-authentic way.

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