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What is a Channel Quality Score and how is it calculated?
What is a Channel Quality Score and how is it calculated?
Find out about CQS metrics of YouTube Report
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CQS or Channel Quality Score It is a benchmark that measures the overall quality and performance of the YouTube channel that helps to choose the most effective creators for your marketing campaigns.

CQS is a 1 to 100 metric, and it's computed using machine learning algorithms and combines the following components:

Creator’s influence is measured using the number of subscribers, stability of views, views to subscribers ratio, frequency of video, upvotes to downvotes ratio.

The audience component includes audience age and gender distribution, the alignment of the audience, and the creator’s location.

Credibility analyzes the audience’s authenticity, drops in views, the correlation between sudden spikes in views, and subscriber growth.

Engagement component benchmarks the number of comments and reactions, views to comments ratio, upvotes to views ratio, and comments to views ratio with similar influencers.

Channel Quality Score helps to choose the most effective creators, who’ll bring a predictable result and the lowest CPM. Influencers with CQS '100' are most likely to have a bigger impact on your campaign KPIs, creators with CQS 20 belong to the less quality group with poor performance metrics.

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