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How can I upload influencers to My Network?
How can I upload influencers to My Network?
Learn about different ways of uploading influencers to My Network.
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My Network tool allows you to upload influencers in various ways:

  • You can add influencers from Excel or CSV files.

  • You can upload influencers right from Influencer Discovery tool. Thus, if you find a perfect fit for your campaign, you can add an influencer to My Network immediately: just hover over the mouse to the line of the influencer and choose "My Network".

  • You can add influencers in bulk. Just input Instagram/YouTube/TikTok/Twitch, or Twitter accounts links one per line and click on "Add influencers".

    Important: Please add URLs of influencers' profiles, not their usernames.

  • You can also add influencers manually, one by one, by typing in their nickname or link in the search bar of the tool:

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