New Discovery gallery view is now available for Instagram, Youtube and TikTok. This feature offers visually dynamic experience with the tool and helps you learn about the latest influencers, their content and bios in just a glance.

What features are available in this view?

  • 4 last posts' preview by default and an extended list of posts after you click on the influencer:

In the extended posts view you will see all posts published within the last 30 days for Instagram and TikTok, and all posts published within the last 90 days for YouTube.

  • The following metrics: followers number at current social network, sum of followers in all influencer's social networks, ER, average likes and comments (if they are available), Bio, Influencer location AQS/CQS with mark and value.

  • If you open the card, you can filter out the posts by "most recent", "most engaged", "most liked", "most commented", "most viewed". In addition, you can use the "keyword search" in case if you use any keywords.

  • All regular Discovery actions: adding to My Network, favorites, comparison, etc.

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