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To start tracking your influencer marketing campaign in HypeAuditor go to Campaigns tool and choose Create campaign option.

Step 1: Select a campaign type

Choose campaign type depending on the purpose of your campaign and your workflow. Check more about types of the campaign here: Selecting a campaign type

Make sure to select the correct campaign type when you start as you won’t be able to change it later. However, if you accidentally selected the wrong campaign type, you can always start a new campaign.

Step 1.2 (Optional): If you choose a Product gifting or Paid promotion with gifting type, you will need to connect an e-commerce store to HypeAuditor. More information about using Shopify/WooCommerce/Magento integrations can be found here: Linking an e-commerce store

Step 2: Add Influencers

There are multiple ways of adding influencers to a campaign. Please see the article: How to add influencers to a campaign?

Next steps

When influencers are added, there are two ways of moving forward with the setup process.

  • One is for those who prefer to send proposals to influencers. In case if you are going to send proposals, please check this tutorial: How to set up a campaign with Proposals?

  • Another flow is for those who do not use proposals when working with influencers. In this case you can skip the proposals stage and follow the "Easy flow" of setting up the campaign. If that's your case, please check further steps here below. ⬇

    "Easy flow" campaign setup:

Step 3: Start the Auto-tracking

Move from the Dashboard to the Influencers tab, select all influencers from your campaigns list and click on Start tracking button:

Here you will need to fill in the form that will be applied to all influencers in the list.

Note: If you need to edit Content or Payments setting for some influencers, you will be able to do it later. On this step it is important to begin the tracking process for all influencers.


Please specify the number of posts / stories / videos you expect from your influencers. The number is specified per one influencer.

If you mix influencers from different social networks inside one campaign, make sure to specify settings to all of them (Instagram / YouTube / TikTok).


Payments are not mandatory, so by default they are switched off. If you are going to pay money to your influencers, please enable Payments and input the amount of money you plan to pay in your local currency. By default the price will be applied in US dollars, however, you will be able to change it later ('Step 5').

From the drop-down menu select Payment terms that you want to apply to your influencers.

Auto-tracking settings:

Specify account mentions (@), hashtags (#) or phrases (no quotation marks or special symbols are needed) that your influencers will use in their posts in order to show they belong to your campaign.

If any of them are found in influencers' posts, they will automatically appear in the campaign.

When everything if filled in, click on Start tracking button:

Do not worry when you receive the following pop-up informing you that you won't be able to send proposals later. We are following the 'Easy flow', so that's exactly what we need. :) Click "Yes".

Step 4: Specify campaign dates and choose currency

Now go to Settings of the campaign (right upper corner) and specify campaign dates and choose the right currency.

Note: it is not necessary to specify campaign dates. If you leave these fields empty, by default we will analyze the last 90 days period.

Step 5: Edit Payments (if needed; optional)

If you pay different amount of money to influencers, please go to Payments section and click on prices you want to edit.

Here you can also add "Paid" values and change the status of the payment every time it is changing.

DONE! :)

Now the campaign is finally set up. When influencers start publishing their posts, they will be appearing in the Content section.

What's next?

  • You can ask influencers to send you drafts before they publish their posts. (Requesting a draft)

  • Communicate with influencers in Messages. (Messaging an influencer)

  • Analyze campaign posts; review/approve/decline influencers' drafts in the Content section.

  • Proceed to the Reports section in order to create a professional report with all campaign details and share it with your colleagues or clients. (How to build and share a report?)

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