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In case if you use proposals when you start a new influencer marketing campaign, this tutorial is for you.

First of all, please create a new campaign in the Campaigns tool, select campaign type and add influencers. These steps are same for all campaign workflows, and they are described in the Step 1 and Step 2 of the following article: How to start tracking a campaign?

When Step 1 and Step 2 are done, please get back to this tutorial and follow the steps listed below.

Step 3: Create proposals

Click on any influencer from your campaign's list and click on Create proposal.

Check more details about creating a proposal here: Creating a proposal

Note: You need to create proposals to all influencers inside your campaign.

Step 4: Send proposals to influencers

You can share a proposal link via HypeAuditor Messages (emails) or by any other messaging application (WhatsApp, etc.).

If you share proposal link using HypeAuditor: once you send a message to an influencer, the status of this influencer will be changed from New to Invited.

You can either create an email from scratch or use Templates (our standard or your custom ones).

If you share proposal link outside of HypeAuditor: the status will be changed once you click on "Copy proposal link".

Note: In the Influencers section you will be able to filter them by the status and see those who are invited to your campaign.

Step 5: Specify campaign dates and choose currency

Now go to Settings of the campaign (right upper corner) and specify campaign dates and choose the right currency.

Note: it is not necessary to specify campaign dates. If you leave these fields empty, by default we will analyze the last 90 days period.

Step 6: Set up Auto-tracking

Now go to the Content section and click on "Set up auto-tracking" button.

Specify account mentions (@), hashtags (#) or phrases (no quotation marks or special symbols are needed) that your influencers will use in their posts in order to show they belong to your campaign.

If any of them are found in influencers' posts, they will automatically appear in the campaign.

Step 7: Wait till influencers accept proposals

It is important for influencers to accept their proposals. ❗Only when influencer's status changes from "Invited" to "Accepted", our Auto-tracking tool will be able to collect and show their published content. ❗

That's how the proposal looks on the side of an influencer: Influencer Proposal Example

When influencer clicks on "Accept", they need to submit their Contact & Payment Details:

If influencer chooses "Not interested", their status will change from "New" to "Rejected".

If influencer chooses "Negotiate", they can write you their requirements. In this case their status won't change, and you will receive an email with their comments. Example:

DONE! :)

Now the campaign is finally set up. When influencers accept their proposals and start publishing posts, they will be appearing in the Content section.

What's next?

  • You can ask influencers to send you drafts before they publish their posts. (Requesting a draft)

  • Communicate with influencers in Messages. (Messaging an influencer)

  • Send Standard or Custom Contracts that will be filled in automatically.

  • Analyze campaign posts; review/approve/decline influencers' drafts in the Content section.

  • Proceed to the Reports section in order to create a professional report with all campaign details and share it with your colleagues or clients. (How to build and share a report?)

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