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What is Landing Pages?
What is Landing Pages?
Find out how Landing Pages can help you collect information from influencers
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Landing Pages is a recruiting tool that allows you to create customized landing pages to showcase your brand and collect all the information you need to collaborate with influencers.

You can upload your logo, customize fields, and add custom questions:

Once the landing page is ready, you can share it with influencers and invite them to sign up.

You can check all stages influencers can meet when they sign up by trying our demo example here: DEMO EXAMPLE.

What happens next?

When influencer signs up, their information is automatically added to HypeAuditor and will be available in Landing Pages (Discover & Recruit section). From there, you can use HypeAuditor to manage your influencer marketing collaborations.

You can add influencers to My Network, then sort them between your lists, and proceed with Messages, Media Plans, Campaigns, etc. Information you have collected with Landing Pages will be available in their Influencer cards.

How will the URL of my landing page look like?

By default, you can type in your domain name, and the URL will include the following:

We also allow you to connect your domains, but currently only in manual mode. To do that, please get in touch with our Technical support team at

Can I edit landing page that I have already created?

Yes, you can edit all settings except the domain name. Please click on Manage landings (right upper corner).

You can also unpublish your landing page so it will be unavailable.

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