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What is EMV, and how is it calculated?
What is EMV, and how is it calculated?
Find out what is Earned Media Value and how is it calculated
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EMV or Earned Media Value is the accepted advertising industry standard for measuring PR activities and influencer marketing campaigns. HypeAuditor EMV s based on a proprietary methodology and shows what it would have cost to gain the same reach through paid social among an audience with similar demographics. 

EMV assigns a monetary value to every interaction made with a post or account on social media and calculates the total value of their “earned” interactions. That means every like and comment is given a value and added together to create a single, easily discernible value. Not all social media interactions are equal, but they do all provide some level of value.

Which metrics affect the Earned Media Value?

  • Reach — the estimated number of impressions per influencer’s post. We exclude all inauthentic activity in our calculation to clear this metric of fraud.

  • Engagements. The number of likes, views, and comments.

  • Number of followers

  • Overall account quality and authenticity

  • Audience age, gender, and location.

To establish a baseline EMV for each type of social media interaction we adopted an integrated approach that included research from third-party reports, data science analysis through our internal and external monitoring tools and our experience in pricing creative media placements across industry verticals and venues.  

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