AQS in HypeAuditor TikTok Report stands for Account Quality Score and it aims to give a quick overview of the overall quality of the account.

Same as AQS (Audience Quality Score) in Instagram Report, AQS in TikTok Report is a 1-100 scale metric. Thus, influencers with AQS '100' are most likely to have high-quality accounts and perform in marketing campaigns successfully, while the ones with AQS '20' belong to a low-quality group of influencers who don't have any impact on the level of sales or brand awareness.

AQS in TikTok Report is the result of the following metrics:

  • Engagement Rate (ER);

  • Followers growth within the 30 days period;

  • Comments Rate (the penalty is applied if the amount of comments is too low compared to the influencers from the same tier).

AQS is a high-level score, therefore, in order to get a bigger picture, we advise looking into a HypeAuditor report metrics on a deep level and analyzing them in the complex.

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