How does Influencer Ranking work?
Who is listed, what metrics are measured, why do users with low AQS appear in the ranking. In how many categories can you be ranked?
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We’ve analyzed a vast number of Instagram users and ranked them by the number of real followers and authentic engagement (number of likes and comments that come from real people and influencers). 

The ranking metric is getting updated on a daily basis. It shows changes in a ranking position comparing it to the previous month in order to help you to keep track of who's got to the top and who’s growing authentically.

We rank non-private accounts with more than 10K followers who posted in last 30 days. If a user doesn't post on Instagram within the period of 30 days or more, they are automatically getting excluded from Ranking. 

We do not exclude bloggers based on their AQS. We take only the number of real followers and authentic engagement into account. If a blogger has a low AQS, but the hight number of real and engaged followers, they will be in the ranking. 

Every user could participate in several category, country and category+country rankings. Country rankings are based on the number of real followers and authentic engagement from that country. 

Certain categories are temporarily excluded for some countries since they don't get enough exposure withing Instagram landscape. Search feature currently works for Top Global only.

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